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kalas ayagi ic kanat.png
Kalas ayağı iç kanat
tek parca kalas ayagi dis kanat.png
Tek parça kalas ayağı dış kanat
kalas ayagi dis kanat.png
Kalas ayağı dış kanat
tek parca kalas ayagi ic kanat.png
Tek parça kalas ayağı iç kanat
capraz kalas ekleme.png
mertek baglanti.png
Çapraz kalas ekleme
Mertek bağlantı
universal kosebent ic.png
universal kosebent dis.png
Üniversal köşebent iç
Üniversal köşebent dış
Plank connectors

Plank connectors are metal parts that are used to connect planks to each other, making work easier.

Type of plank connectors

There are varieties such as plank leg inner wing, timber pillar outer wing, cross timber joint, universal angle inside inner, universal angle outer wing. We also make special designs by evaluating your requests.

Information about plank connectors

We design the types of plankconnection you want and offer them to your service at an affordable price.

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