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15 mm duz gonye.png
Straight miters 
oval duz gonye.png
Oval straight miters 
T gonye.png
T miters
15 mm yuvarlak basli duz gonye.png
Round head straight miters
25 mm sac gonye.png
Sheet miters
30 mm agir yuk duz gonye.png
Heavy load straight miters
z gonye.png
Z miters
kose gonye.png
Corner miters
What is miters?

Miters  are one of the fasteners used to join wood.

what are the types of miter?

We produce flat miter, round head flat miter, heavy load flat miter, oval straight miter, sheet metal miter, z miter, T miter, and corner miter types in our company.

What is price of miters?

We design the miter types you want and offer them to your service at an affordable price.

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