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 ARI LAZER, with its Senior Management and Employees, in the metal, chemical and machinery sector, which is most needed in the modern world;


  • To meet the demands and expectations of our customers completely, on time and in accordance with globalizing world standards, to give importance to the protection and improvement of the environment, to work in accordance with national and international legislation.

  • Products respectful to the environment and people; Producing harmless products with clean energy and equipment equipped with modern technology in ergonomic working conditions and delivering them to the end user,

  •  In order to protect the occupational health and safety of all employees and those who use the products we produce, it is committed to work and continuou

  • improvement in the light of technology and science and in accordance with legal requirements


In line with this purpose and responsibilities;

  • To ensure the continuous development of the employees with the trainings given in the areas of responsibility,

  •  To increase the environmental awareness of all our employees, suppliers, customers and other sector stakeholders and to organize trainings within this scope,

  •  To continuously carry out research and improvements that will enable the reuse of all kinds of recyclable products, semi-processed products and raw materials

  •  To use natural resources in the most efficient way by improving the amount of waste and energy consumption in line with the environmental protection, development, goals and objectives determined every year,

  •  To anticipate possible emergencies and events that may pollute the environment sufficiently, to take preventive, protective, technical and administrative measures, to be prepared

       These are our basic principles.

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