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yuvarlak basli kosebent.png

90 Degree bracket

Round head bracket

kanat gonye.png
asimetrik 90 derece kosebent.png

Kanat Gönye

Asymmetrical bracket

90 derece agir yuk kosebent.png
135 derece agir yuk kosebent.png

90 Degree heavy duty bracket

135 Degree heavy duty bracket

135 derece kosebent.png

135 Degree bracket

oval kosebent.png

Oval bracket

slot kosebent.png

Slot bracket

What is bracket?

The bracket is a multi-purpose material made of L-shaped metal and often used as a fastener.

Where to use Brackets?

Angle brackets are used as a connector between 2 parts to make the welding solid while welding metals. In wooden structures, connections that are not possible with wood are made with metal brackets. There are many types of angle brackets available. We have productions at different angles, for example 90 and 135 degree angles. We also produce in different options such as oval, asymmetrical and round angles.

Bracket Prices?

All kinds of brackets are available in our company at affordable prices. We make special productions not only for the products on this site, but also for the products you want. Please contact us for prices and requests.

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